14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

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    Some people just can’t stay out of trouble. And we just can’t get enough of these celebrity messes.

    1. Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan

    We all fell in love with her in Mean Girls. And then everything seemed to go wrong. DUIs. Failed drug tests. Stolen necklaces. Insanely public family drama. Liz and Dick.And now we’re watching her face morph into an elderly lizard.

    2. Mel Gibson

    14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

    Between his drunken rants and public meltdowns, Mel’s like a grab bag of unattractive qualities…

    3. Tara Reid

    Tara Reid

    Tara Reid is known for botched plastic surgery, nip slips on the red carpet and public intoxication. Full-on hot mess.

    4. Katt Williams

    14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

    Comedian Katt Williams has been arrested over 10 times since 2006. For example, in December 2012 he was arrested for slapping a Target employee in Yolo County, California. Yep. Yolo county.

    5. Amanda Bynes

    Amanda Bynes

    It seems like Amanda Bynes just shouldn’t have a car. She has a DUI, two hit-and-runs and a violation for driving with a suspended license. Luckily, she has it all under control. She tweeted President Obama asking him to “fire the cop who arrested her.” Good solution.

    6. Courtney Love

    Courtney Love

    Courtney Love is a hot mess. She is known for ugly public family drama and weird face plastic surgery. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she proclaimed everyone needed to stop eating cheese. “You know why Orientals are not fat? ‘Cause they look on cheese as this gross Western habit. It’s like sour milk — LARD.” Ok, thanks Courtney.

    7. Paz De La Huerta

    14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

    This Boardwalk Empire star got arrested at The Standard Hotel is NYC for throwing glass. Coincidentally, her name means “Peace” in Spanish.

    8. Charlie Sheen

    Charlie Sheen

    Oh Charlie Sheen, you’re the baddest of the bad boys. His public meltdown was epic. Trashing hotel rooms with hookers? Check. Winning? Check. Claiming you’re a warlock with tiger blood? Check.

    9. Kathy Lee and Hoda

    14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

    Kathy Lee and Hoda are professional/televised/day drinkers. They are like The Real Housewives of The Today Show.

    10. Gary Busey

    Gary Busey

    Gary Busey has redefined himself as the go-to D-List Celeb for reality television. His huge-toothed insane grin has been on Celebrity Fit Club 2, Celebrity Paranormal Project, Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Apprentice. It seems like they are using the term “celebrity” very loosely.

    11. Victoria Jackson

    14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

    This baby-voiced SNL alum has been very vocal about her political beliefs. In 2012, she went nuts about the gay kiss on Glee and had an election tweet meltdown.

    12. Dustin Diamond

    Dustin Diamond

    In 2006, he released his own self-produced porn called “Screeched: Saved by the Smell.” The end.

    13. D’Angelo


    In recent years, most of D’Angelo’s appearances have been in court answering to charges of drunk driving, drug possession, assault and disturbing the peace. What a mess. That being said, remember this?

    14 Of The Most Notorious Celebrity Hot Messes

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