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Via Eurweb

*President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight will be “all about America winning,” one of his top advisers told CNN.

Valerie Jarrett said the president will focus on “winning for the future and what we have to do to be competitive in this global marketplace.”

Facing a divided Congress, a still-recovering economy, and critics who say he has failed to adequately focus on jobs in the past, the president will present what Jarrett described as a “framework” for moving forward.

Don’t expect many specifics, however. Those will follow in three weeks when Obama releases his budget, Jarrett said. Then “you’ll see a great degree of specificity of how we’ll get the job done.”

In the address, “the most important speech he gives every year,” the president will focus on innovation, Jarrett said. “We’re the country that’s known for creativity and ingenuity and entrepreneurship. It will be about education, making sure that our children are going to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, that our innovators are going to be able to compete in this global marketplace. It will be about focusing on infrastructure and investing in our country so that we can get businesses to invest right here at home.”

Read more of this article at CNN.

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