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Minor Steps To MAJOR Self Improvement.

It is fair to assume that the majority of functioning adults all want to be and do our very best in life. Be it financially or professionally, we typically aim for excellence. Even in our family and personal lives, we strive to do as well as possible. It is not uncommon to reach a plateau in life, especially after crossing a major milestone — a big birthday (such as 30), marriage or graduation, or settling into a job or career. It is at these times that we often find ourselves at a loss for what comes next. Whether you’ve recently crossed a milestone or just need to refresh for the future ahead, the following steps can help you get on track toward that “can do” attitude that is necessary for success in life.

1. List and prioritize ALL of your goals – We all think we know what we want to achieve; but, until you sit in front of a blank computer screen or tablet, it’s easy to overlook how vague the goals that we’ve set for ourselves are. There is a level of commitment that comes with words on paper. From a daily “To Do” list, all the way up to a 10-year plan, listing what you set out to accomplish is an excellent way to visualize the things that you need to do in order to get where you are trying to go. It is important to take small steps daily to reach your long-term goals. It could be research or picking up a book, even making a phone call or touring a school of interest or other place related to your goals — Small steps lead to big progress. READ MORE…