Yesterday’s dressing room upheaval at Good Morning America capped Chris Brown’s whirlwind publicity tour of controversy, which included buck nacked photos and a Dennis Rodman blond moment that didn’t make this list. Below are Chris Brown’s 5 most newsworthy moments.

1. Chris Brown Manhandles Rihanna

Here’s the 2009 incident that kickstarted Chris spiral into infamy.

2. Chris Brown’s GMA Rampage

Chris Brown apparently needs to go back to anger management class after the pop star broke a window while backstage at ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning after the interviewer asked one too many questions about him assaulting Rihanna.

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3. Chris Brown Nude Pics Leak

The photo surfaced on and it shows Chris Brown in his full on, admittedly impressive, pause, glory. The photos are obviously recent because the photo shows Breezy sporting his newly blonde hair.

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4. Chris Brown Breaks Down During BET MJ Tribute

When Chris Brown accepted AOL’s Fandemonium Award at the the 2010 BET Awards he thanked his supporters by saying “I let you down once, I’ll never do it again.” He was obviously referring to the 2009 assault of his ex-girlfriend, R&B singer Rihanna. However, by the time he accepted that award the audience was already in the palm of his hands, still in awe of the Michael Jackson tribute he performed earlier that evening.

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5. Chris Brown Apology Video

Chris Brown public apology to fans for the February 2009 abuse incident against pop singer Rihanna.

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