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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I have been in my current “situation” for 2-1/2 years. He was leaving me in the past for his children’s mother. Then he would leave her to come back with me. Like the fool I have been, I kept accepting him back. He would stay for 6 months and then go back to her he would go.

Last year in May I quit my job for him (knowing that I should not have done that my mother taught me to stand on my own which I have always done), this was the first time I depended on a man. Well, in July he left me again! This was the worse feeling. I had no job. I was depending on my student loan rebate to take care of me and my girls. Then I finally got another job (of course it pays peanuts, barely making ends meet).

Well, to make the long story short in October he called me begging and pleading to come back I stood firm for a minute, but I accepted him back again. Things were well. I still felt skeptical but he really stopped dealing with her to the point she won’t let him see his children. Well, this past weekend, he knit-picked with me to leave and go who knows where. At this point I am sick of the crap. He calls me on Monday and says, “So, are we really going to see other people?” I said, “Look, we are done. Don’t call this phone,” and I hung up. I filtered all his emails, phone calls. I feel as though he takes me for granted. He then emails me at work (I didn’t filter the emails at work), telling me he needs me etc. I sent him a very long response and told him that I just can’t do this anymore. It’s not good for me or my daughters. I said a whole lot more.

Why do I feel so bad? He keeps emailing me saying he needs me and he is sorry and that he is not seeing anyone else etc. Why do I feel bad? Why do I miss him? I know u will say I am a fool and other types of things. But I just want to know why I feel so bad? – Feeling Bad

“I Want To Tell My Husband That I Want An Open Relationship”

Dear Ms. Feeling Bad,

Here we go with community d**k again. He’s running up in his children’s mother raw dog, and then comes back to you and run up in your raw dog. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I can only imagine the other women he is running up in raw when he’s not with his children’s mother or you. Oh yeah, and, yup, you are right. You are a fool. Foolish. Brainless. Needy. Weak. Spineless. Inconsiderate. Thoughtless. Selfish.

You mentioned you have daughters. So, your little girls are witnessing what their mother is going through with a man who keeps going between his children’s mother and you? Don’t you think that is inconsiderate, thoughtless, and selfish? You are not thinking about your children, but your own needs, and you’re allowing a man to degrade, manipulate, mistreat, and abuse you emotionally and mentally. So, what lesson do you think your daughters will learn from this very important valuable lesson you are teaching them? I’ll wait while you answer this. In the meantime, I need for you to go stand in the corner and face the wall. Don’t come back until you have a conclusive response, and I want an intelligent answer. This will take a couple of days. Possibly months.

I swear for some of you women to say you are smart and intelligent, you really do lack common sense. Wait, hold one MF’ing minute! You quit a job for a man? You had to rely on your student loan rebate check to take care of your daughters after he left you for the umpteenth time? What school are you in? Please, please, please don’t tell me it’s a four-year institution. It truly must be cosmetology school, or ITT Tech.

I would give you advice, but it would useless and futile because you know what’s going to happen? You’re going to allow him to return. You’re going to let him back into your home with your daughters. You’re going to lay down with him and let him put his tainted penis up in you. You’re going to share with him what he has shared with so many other women who think they are his ONE. After a few months, and after he knows you’ve gotten comfortable he is going to show his ass and be out the door, again. I see the pattern. It’s sad that you don’t. But, I know that people see and hear what they want to see and hear.

Girl, I’m wrapping this up because you clearly have allowed the d**k to stifle your mental and common sense. Why are you writing me telling me you feel bad after he left you, AGAIN? And, after he said to you that you’re both going to see other people? DUMB DUMB! Wake the “F” up!!! Geesh! He keeps coming back because you keep letting him come back. It’s obvious he doesn’t have or own anything. He lives between you and any other woman who is dumb enough to let him move in with her and mooch off her. He’s not a man. He is a boy and you are playing the role of his mother. Stop babying him, and stop trying to save him. UGH! He keeps running back to his children’s mother, then back to you, then some place else, and you’ve allowed this to go on for 2-1/2 years. Girl, go to the ledge and jump. But, you know what, I’m sure that polyester wig will save your fall. Please remove all fake things before you jump, i.e. – fake hair, fake nails, fake accessories, and fake school rebate check you’re getting. – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend