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At least 75% of babies born to HIV positive mothers will test HIV negative without medical intervention. Studies have shown that for properly nourished HIV positive expectant mothers receiving regular prenatal care, over 90% of their children test negative with no drug therapy.What happens when your child tests positive for HIV?

UN Launches New AIDS Prevention Program “Countdown To Zero

Many of their peers succumbed to unusual infections by their first or second birthdays. They were living on borrowed time, it seemed.  While their friends’ parents visited schools, these kids visited their parents’ graves. When their classmates planned for the future, they often thought about death.

Minority Infants Much More Likely To Have HIV

Ms. Hydeia Broadbent,  born HIV positive  is using her life to stand up and speak out for all those  who are living  extraordinary lives. She has traveled the country educating people of all ages about the dangers of AIDS and how to protect themselves from contracting it. She has been featured in  news all across the country. She has been awarded the MLK Drum Major Award; Humanitarian Spirit Award, American Red Cross; Grandma’s House Award by Centers for Disease Control, Top Ten Female Role Models of the Year; Ms. Foundation, 1999; and the Essence Award, 1999.

This year she has been named by  Hello Beautiful as one of  30 Under 30 to watch.

Watch the video below  and be touched, challenged and wowed by the poise of a heroine.

Hydeia’s Broadbent’s Story:

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This young woman marks her path  with inspirational heroism  that gives hope  that all things anything is possible.

Over all, some 2.7 million H.I.V. tests were performed between October 2007 and September 2010. Just over 1 percent of those tested, or 29,503, were found to be infected. Of those, 18,432 were not aware of their status, C.D.C. officials said. Some 12,711 of those for whom the diagnosis was new, or about 75 percent, were routed into the health care system.

“An estimated 240,000 Americans — a fifth of the nearly 1.2 million living with H.I.V. — do not know they are infected,” said Dr. Kevin Fenton, director of the C.D.C.’s AIDS prevention center.

“The majority of the estimated 56,000 new H.I.V. infections that occur each year are transmitted by those who are unaware of their infection,” he said.

Get Tested.  Be safe. Live Long.