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I must admit that I am a little disappointed, because I’m probably one of the few people that watches awards shows expecting to see talent represented.

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Across the board there were many people who were disappointed in last night’s Gospel segment, and the show overall. I believe there was just too much fluff and not enough meat. Where were the musicians? Where were the lyrics of songs that made sense? Jill Scott told a story on the stage last night.  I was not alone in my viewing displeasure either.

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From the twitter gallery:

“Does BET know there are more gospel artists than Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin?”

“I guess we should be happy that we were represented at all on the BET awards. Why did it have to be a memorial song though?”

“Does BET know that gospel music has hip hop too. Why didn’t Deitrick do a song?”

“Congrats to Mary Mary, but 4 real there are other gospel singers BET’

In some areas the music channel missed the boat to present music. BET had a segment called “Music Matters” where new artists get a little shine. It’s difficult to call it “Music Matters” when each artist had their performance cut off to pay the bills. Contrary to what they tell you, music doesn’t matter, making money does.

From the comments section about the show overall:

We all know BET has destroyed a generation for the last decade. A generation will be crippled for life, unable to move past a culture of violence. We have to be thankful for the constant protest and ever growing critic because BET finally admits to re-branding and a change is going to come.”

“C’mon man,Lil Wayne isn”t the problem.How come Debra Lee(CEO Of BET) didn’t have her staff tell those rappers to pull their pants up while performing? White folks woldn’t allow that crap at American Music Awards or the Grammys.It’s up to the older Black folks to conduct these young Black men to educate themselves and set a example to the younger generation”

So good people, is this what Black Entertainment Television has degenerated to?

You really do have to think about the answer when the highlights of the evening come down to:

  • A tribute to Clarence Clemmons that was disrespectful brief and non descriptive
  • The best performance of the night came from a 67 year old Patti Labelle.
  • Kelly Rowland stripping off her shirt and gyrating on Trey Songz was considered stellar performing

  • The only Gospel performance is a tribute song to someone who has died.

Art is meant to elevate the mind so that you can be inspired and create. Was anyone inspired?

What did you think?