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Hookers For Jesus is determined to get the word out about their ministry. Yes, you read that right.

Can You Practice Stripping With Christ In Mind?

It’s midnight in Las Vegas. And along that famous boulevard known as “The Strip,” a most unlikely group of women is doing something utterly contrary to the city’s proud nickname, Sin City.

In front of the entrance to Caesars Palace and under the flashing lights of advertisements featuring enticingly posed show girls, they huddle together, holding hands, heads bowed. “Right now, God, I just ask that you use all of us as a tool, Lord, that you can help us spot some girls that need some help,” Annie Lobert prays. “If it is just one girl that we get to reach, or if there is 25, we don’t care, God. Just do your will tonight.”

Public Lovin’: How Much Is Too Much?

Annie Lobert is the founder of “Hookers for Jesus,” and her mission is to save prostitutes; to save them from the streets and, if possible, bring them to church and to God. A one-time escort, Lobert now enlists other ex-prostitutes and volunteers from a local church to reach out to working girls on the street, in the casinos, even over the Internet.

Watch their work here: