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The plot between Bow Wow and the mother of his child, video model Joie Chavis, thickens as more drama is revealed to the world. According to TMZ, Joie decided to exclude Bow Wow’s name from the birth certificate of their child, Shai, since he did not show up to the hospital during the birth of their daughter after Joie had to undergo an emergency c-section back in April. In fact, it is reported that Bow Wow didn’t show up until six days after the baby was born!

Joie is also stating that Bow Wow is a fake, and is acting like he’s a devoted dad from the open letter he wrote to his fans earlier this week but was absent during their daughter’s birth. Although she obvisouly seems to have ill feelings toward the rapper, it’s reported that Joie is willing to move on and let the courts name Bow Wow as baby Shai’s father, legally, although that will be up to the discretion of the judge.

SMH. Every girl needs a father in their life! I hope everything works out for Bow Wow, Joie and their daughter!

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