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Creating a safe and healthy place for children to play can seem like a hard  task. It is summer time and the children are home. On really hot days you try and keep them in the house safe and cool.The house is the whole family’s abode, but each family member needs a turf of his or her own. And when it comes to infants and toddlers, the playroom is their territory.

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Here are  few useful tips:

Avoid things that can’t be seen. We all know how highly susceptible children are to pathogens and allergens. It’s therefore important to keep the room safe from particulates and other microbes that can threaten your child’s heath. Install air purifiers.

Choose natural fibers. Fibers or cloth can also be toxic and harmful to your children. Children’s skin is extremely delicate and very sensitive, so keep anything that can cause irritation away from them. Choose 100% cotton fabrics and rugs

Keep a ready stash of wipes. Wipes like those by Clorox Disinfectant Wipes, can make cleaning and sanitizing quick and instant.

Do you have  any tips we would like to hear them.

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