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The untimely death of singer Amy Winehouse has caused a lot of people to stop and think about their own lives. As we said earlier, it’s no secret that Amy had a very public battle with drugs and alcohol during her life. As unfortunate as this may sound, Amy isn’t the only person in the spotlight to publicly talk about her drug addiction in interviews and songs.  People like Lil Wayne, Lindsay Lohan, Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown and even Souljah Boy have been noted for their drug usage during their musical and acting careers.

I came across a post on that explained some unanswered questions about Amy Winehouse’s drug usage and death.

“Sometimes the most talented people are also the most sensitive, which is why we see them turn to drugs and alcohol. Amy was one of these people, talented yes, could be a bit crazy at times, but sensitive to the world around her. She was likely suffering on the inside, and drugs and alcohol was her way of escaping the pain.”

Although we don’t know the exact cause of Amy’s death at this time, we can only assume that it may have been drug and alcohol related. Her life is an example that no one can hide from the strong and deadly effects of drug abuse.

Amy Winehouse was extremely talented and we hope that she will be remembered for her musical ability as well as a wake up call to anyone battling with drug usage. There are no second chances.

How do you think Amy will be remembered?

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