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If you haven’t seen the latest episode of BBWLA which aired last night on VH1, the show ended with Draya in tears!

The young, sexy 25-year-old model/aspiring actress looked liked she finally reached her tipping point with the group of girls, after the group accused her of being an unfit “deadbeat” mother.

It seems as if every episode of the show centers its drama on Draya. What would the pre-menopausal group of ladies have to talk about if she wasn’t there?

This season of Basketball Wives has to by far be comprised of some of the fakest “genuine”(in the words of Jackie, who stated that ‘when she smiles, its a genuine one, and when she frowns, its a genuine frown’) women ever.

We’ve collected a few reasons why BBWLA takes an “L”:

  • These group of ladies are pretty boring. I definitely don’t think the ratings would be as high if Draya wasn’t on the show.

    What would they talk about? Probably Malaysia. She seemed to be under-fire during the first two episodes. The older ladies mentioned several times in the beginning of the season that she was young and stuck up.

  • And what happened to Tanya Williams and Kimsha Artest? They seemed to keep it straight-forward. Tanya was disliked for not wanting to jump in our people’s drama, especially after not breaking up the fight between both Laura and Malaysia that they brought upon themselves.

    I guessing that they were the “least-interesting” on the show because they weren’t about the unnecessary drama.

  • Besides making Draya the target of every episode, Jackie makes a huge fuss about Draya not attending her 16th wedding. Words of advice to Jackie: “Don’t take her absence to heart, you can always invite her to your 17th wedding. I’m sure you’ll be planning that one in the next month or so.”
  • In addition, to scrutinizing Draya in every episode, the women never fail to mention that they have  a problem with Draya’s past of stripping, “being a jump-off”, etc… So what if she use to strip? She seems to have more going on for her than any of the other women.

Shaunie O’Neal had a few words to say about the new cast of BBW LA.