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While many rappers preferred to talk about gang banging, drug dealing and cop killings, some took a high road to expose the world to the ghettos of America. These rappers probably figured crime doesn’t pay early on, and chose to create lyrical content that encouraged fans in a positive way.

Here’s Hip-Hop’s top five songs that prove crime doesn’t pay.

Slick Rick “Children’s Story”

Uncle Ricky gave us a fairy tale story about a place where “the people wore pajamas and lived life slow,” but things quickly turn when two boys stir up some trouble.

Grandmaster Flash “The Message”

Grandmaster Flash tries to encourage kids to go to school or “your manhood is took and a may tag.”

KRS-One & Friends “Self Destruction”

This 1989 song spearheaded the “Stop the Violence” campaign that started in response to the crime/violence infested African-American communities.

Outkast “The Art Of Storytellin’”

Andre 3000 tells a story of his friend Sasha Thumper, a drug addict/prostitute, who ODs on drugs behind a school building.

Nas “I Can”

This song was specifically made for the kiddies, with a chant that encourages them to be anything they want to be.