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At what point do we determine that enough is enough?

“According to BMI charts, a woman who is 5-feet 5 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds is considered overweight. A man who stands at 5-feet 8 inches is considered overweight once he hits 175 pounds. What is often considered normal is actually unhealthy.” But why is this skewed image so acceptable in the African-American community?

One in four African-American girls and almost one in five African-American boys are overweight. We are now beginning to see high blood pressure and type II diabetes — historically diseases of adulthood — in these overweight children. Seven out of every 10 overweight adolescents will become overweight adults. That number increases to eight if one or more parents is also overweight.

Many African American women have stated that it’s more acceptable by African American men to be curvier than those women who are normal, or underweight. These may account for 4 out of 5 African American women being considered overweight or obese. And although African American men are more active than their female counterparts, they are considerably less active than White women. 28.8% of African American men are obese and make-up the largest overweight ethnic group.

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