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Written by KayJay –

As a writer, I know how powerful words are — especially encouraging words. These simple parts of our language, made up of nothing but consonants and vowels, can build and motivate or tear down and destroy a person depending on how they are used. There are many who either underestimate, or do not recognize the power of words; so, when I find someone who does, it’s important to lift them up just as much as they do others. Enter Roy Hall: an athlete-turned-motivational-speaker, who has left his cleats on the field to pursue his dreams of motivational speaking with a religious message.

Buckeye nation may remember him as #8, a wide receiver for THE Ohio State football team, from 2002-2006 under the Tressel regime. After OSU, he was drafted into the NFL where he played for both the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions. Despite these successes, he claims that his life has had a common theme: “adversity striking and blessings emerging from that adversity”.  The combination of these difficulties and blessings are what pulled him into motivating others, and sharing these blessings through the word of God. He started his own foundation entitled DRIVEN, that gives back to the Columbus community. I caught up with Roy so that I could share his story, and quickly learned why the life of motivational speaking chose him: not the other way around.



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