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The son of Motown legend Marvin Gaye is wanted by the IRS, and the 43-year-old is also being sued by singer Lou Rawls’ kid over a dog-biting incident, has fathered a child with a Nevada prostitute and was kicked out of his mother’s home.

Talk about a Trouble Man. According to the Detroit News, the tax agency filed an $184,997 lien on Nov. 4 against Marvin Gaye III, the adopted son of the late Motown singer and ex-wife Anna Gordy Gaye, the oldest sister of Motown founder Berry Gordy.

A singer and performer, Gaye III along with his two siblings receives millions in royalties based on his father’s most popular songs. Lately, he’s been an active defender of his father’s music, suing restaurants and radio stations for infringing on his dad’s copyrights. Nine years ago, Marvin Gaye III and his siblings issued bonds backed by future revenue from their father’s songs in exchange for an eight-figure lump-sum payment.

Gaye’s business manager Sharon Gilday said she is working on the tax bill and a settlement is in the works. But she would not explain what led to the delinquency, saying it is “private.”

She also said, “He doesn’t owe anywhere near $184,000.” Gaye, meanwhile, might start touring next year and creating new music, she added. “We’ll see what he decides to do. I think he is an excellent writer and singer, separate from his dad. Watch next year and see what happens.”

In May 2000, Deanna Holley of Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel gave birth to a son Dylan. DNA testing later established that Gaye III is the father. According to Holley’s paternity suit in 2002, his income was $25,000 a month at the time.

In December 2006, Lou Rawls Jr. claimed he was attacked by “four large dogs” during a visit to Gaye’s Hollywood home two years earlier. In the lawsuit, Rawls said he was “bit, clawed and physically and mentally injured” by the dogs causing him to suffer “loss of blood, tearing of flesh, multiple dog bite wounds, fear of disease” and other injuries.