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Beyonce seems to have a perfect life, which is probably why so many dumb rumors about her have spread since she became famous over 10 years ago. She’s beautiful, rich and successful, and seems to be happily married and surrounded by loving and supportive family members.

Bey’s good life hasn’t kept her from being the target of some crazy stories, because nothing is sacred for those who start the mistruths about Beyonce. Her faith and even her unborn child have been questioned. Nevertheless, Beyonce keeps that smile on her face.

The haters will continue to hate and create more rumors, but here’s a look at some of the really dumb ones.

The Bodyguard

Beyonce is usually able to stay squeaky clean when it comes to her personal life, but two years ago she was rumored to be sleeping with her bodyguard Julius. Yes, he’s good looking, but Julius can’t even see her husband Jay-Z in the swag department. Why would Bey get with the help when she has Hov?

Down With The Devil

So secret and mysterious, the Illuminati is rumored to have Beyonce as a member. Jay-Z has accused of being a part of this secret society for years. The main speculation comes from him throwing up the diamond Roc symbol, because it is labeled by some as anti-Christ since an upside down cross would fit inside of the Roc diamond. The alleged cost of being a part of the Illuminati is one’s soul, which draws some to conclude that souls are being sold to the devil. It’s not surprising that those who think Jay-Z is down with the Illuminati would assume Bey was, too. But it is kind of ridiculous that this rumor has life.

Inflatable Baby Bump

The biggest Beyonce rumor of all time has been the most recent, that she is faking her pregnancy by wearing a fake baby bump. While sitting down for an interview in Australia, Bey’s pregnant belly appeared to collapse. But in actuality, the dress she was wearing had a loose fit, so it was the material that buckled, not her belly.

The Drama Behind Destiny’s Child

Beyonce has been cited as the reason why three members of Destiny’s Child (LeToya Luckett, LaTavia Roberson, Farrah Franklin) departed, and ultimately disbanded. However, the true reason why there was drama in the group has been revealed. Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles, the manager of DC and Beyonce’s former manager has been cited by most of the members as the problem. Today, none of the most recent or ex-members of Destiny’s Child are managed by him, including Beyonce and her sister Solange. So it is safe to say that Beyonce was never to blame for the drama in Destiny’s Child.

Nice Nose Job

Beyonce’s nose has been altered, but not by surgery. Blame it on her makeup. Because of the shading and contouring done by her makeup artists, Bey sometimes looks like she’s had a nose job. If you see what she looks like with and without makeup, you’ll notice that she has an angular nose, but it definitely looks more sculpted when she’s wearing a lot of makeup. Plus, her nose now looks consistent with what it looked like when she was a child. The nose is hers!