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Via Columbus Dispatch

Paul D. “Dave” Gilkey was experiencing a lot of tension over the care of his wife, Darlene, who was terminally ill. The tension became too much to bear and what happens next will shock you.

Several hours before he snapped yesterday and killed their son, two of Darlene’s sisters and then himself, Gilkey had argued with them about whether to feed his wife tea and toast they had prepared or an orange he had peeled for her, Hocking County Sheriff Lanny E. North said at a news conference this morning.

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The family members were often stopping by and helping take care of Darlene. Darlene was in the late stages of cancer and was living at home receiving home hospice care. Dave Gilkey wasn’t getting along with the rest of the family.

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The argument over the food occurred about 2 p.m., and the rest of the afternoon continued to be tense. Then out of nowhere Gilkey left the living room where his wife lay on a hospital bed, and went to a bedroom to reportedly grab a 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

When Browning returned he began to shoot. READ MORE