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Via Complex.com

Finally bagged that hottest girl on Instagram and you’re feeling good? Later to find out that homegirl is just another pretty face?! Disappointed huh? Read these tips on how to find out whether she’s “wifey material” or not.

1. Always on the phone: She’s just the life of the party always getting calls when you two are together. If she pays more attention to her phone then you she’s a No-Go.

2. Heavy Club Hopping: If she always has a new dress and a new pair of heels for the club every weekend that’s not a good look.

3. Money Hungry: “I ain’t saying she a gold digger”…

4. What About The Conversation?: Can you ever have an intellectual convo with her? No?…send her to voicemail.

5. Selfish: A relationship requires both people to give, if she’s only concerned with GETTING then that’s not a fair relationship. Let hr go.

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