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The newest Obama video has had over 3 million hits on YouTube. Afer Obama Slow Jammed the news on the Late Night With Jimmy Falon show, its clear more people payed attention to Obama more than they have during any presidential campaign. It’s clear, when it comes to music, people are just more likely to pay attention. Below are six reasons why people would pay more attention to politicians if they slow jammed the news.

6. By the end of the ‘slow jam’ we would all have the campaign stance memorized, as if it were the latest R & B track. Therefore, leaving us more informed of the issue

5. Who wouldn’t love to hear a slow Jam that isn’t by Trey Songz, Chris Brown, or Usher on the radio. Imagine a DJ saying this in the club “And this next hit comes from the U.S’s very own POTUS with the Mostest,”

4. Maybe it would eliminate that awkward twerking in the clubs. No one wants to twerk to a political issue.

3. Complex political issues would be a no brainer if they were turned into a catchy hook. People don’t listen, unless theres some kind of beat to go with the words.

2. All politicians could do collaborations with Chris Brown, T-pain, and Lady Gaga, which would definitely raise their cool status.

1. If you think Slow jamming the news sounds good, imagine how the remix would sound…..

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