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Al Roker Fanboys At Inauguration

How do you get the first post-inauguration interview with the president? How do you get the vice president to shake your hand? If you’re Al Roker you yell at them. The NBC weatherman is sent onto the parade route every inauguration to see if he can attract the attention of the President and Vice President as they walk the parade route. In the video, Al successfully manages to get President Obama’s attention, where the President points at the sky to thank Al for the nice weather in DC. A few moments later, when Vice President Biden appears, Al begs Biden to come to him and give a quick interview. Biden says “they won’t let me,” referring to the secret service, but then quickly changes he mind, does a quick jog over to Al and shakes his hand. Clearly overjoyed, Al screams and cheers “I’m done,” drops his mike and exits left!

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