Whether flying up the charts or failing miserably, these teen idols and young talents could certainly keep it fluid. From screens to song, these individuals have multifaceted careers that contain surprising turns. SOURCE

1. Zooey Deschanel

Before she became best known as quixotic “New Girl” Jess, she was half of the catchy, critically acclaimed folk-rock outfit She & Him with singer-songwriter M. Ward. The duo has released three albums, including Christmas tunes, on famed indie label Merge Records.

2. Ryan Gosling

As if the Gos was not smoldering enough on the big screen, he currently serves as the lead crooner for Dead Man’s Bones – a Los Angeles-based band rooted heavily in jangling Americana, blues, and the Phil Spector era of doo-wop.

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3. Scarlett Johansson

With an existing slate of stage and screen roles, ScarJo showed she was EGOT material around 2007, when she recorded a solo album covering songs by Tom Waits, and joined British legends The Jesus & Mary Chain onstage at Coachella the same year.

4. Tatyana Ali

She kicked off her career as a regular players on Sesame Street and kept her big cousin Will in line on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” but she also ruled the summer of 1998 with the infectious Rodney Jerkins-produced single “Daydreamin'” that went all the way to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

5. Brian Austin Green

90210 viewers had to do a double-take in 1996 when Green himself (and not his similarly-mannered character David Silver) released a hip-hop album entitled “One Stop Carnival.”

6. Danny Cooksey

Bobby Budnick was the lead singer for a metal band. A metal band of teenagers named Bad4Good. Anyone who saw that half-parted mullet on “Salute Your Shorts” should have seen this coming.

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt

JLH scored two credits for her work in “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” – starring in the franchise’s second installment, and contributing the single “How Do I Deal” to its soundtrack. It hit No. 59 on the Billboard Hot 100 and even cracked the Top 10 in Australia.

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8. Jared Leto

As if we thought he was overly-brooding as the beautiful Jordan Catalano on “My So-Called Life, he veers even more towards the dark side as the lead singer for metal-inflected emo outfit 30 Seconds to Mars.

9. Keanu Reeves

Reeves properly honored the era that housed the height of his popularity by taking a side job as the bass player for a grunge band called Dogstar in the ’90s. No evidence yet shows him honoring his breakthrough role as Ted Logan in “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” by wearing a flannel tied around his waist while onstage.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Having an on-screen breakthrough in “Mean Girls” was not enough for Lindsay Lohan in 2004. In December of the same year, she released her debut album, “Speak,” which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard charts and was certified Platinum in early 2005. She is still tired of rumors starting.

11. Jackson Rathbone

Vampiric “Twilight” hottie Jackson Rathbone was actually hot-blooded enough to play in a funk/ska fusion band – the Los Angeles-based 100 Monkeys. Rathbone left the band in 2012. Not because of his elevated status in Hollywood, but because his nocturnal lifestyle made it really hard to have band practice.

12. Jason Schwartzman

Jason Schwartzman was already a teenage impresario at the hands of Wes Anderson beginning with his on-screen debut in Rushmore, only growing to be the original drummer for Phantom Planet, and record as one-man-band Coconut Records, releasing the infectious album “Nighttiming” in 2007, on which he played every instrument.

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