The Reason Single Women Find Married Men Appealing

A question was posed to the women, asking them to explain why women find married men attractive. I never really get shocked by anything but when two women responded by divulging that they would consider a rendezvous with a married man, I literally had to pick up my jaw from the floor.

Women tend to choose mates based upon the opinions of their peers, this is known as mate copying. When I first read about mate copying I was like, “ummm no, not me”, however studies conducted at the University of Louisville, Kentucky suggest our attraction for a potential mate increases when our peers show attraction or approve of him. If others approve or find him attractive this must mean he has something of value or in other words he is a quality man who can provide and hold it down.

This explains why certain men in Hollywood become sex symbols even though their looks tend to be average; it’s a package deal we look for the looks, the ability to provide, wealth, charisma, confidence etc. If we come across someone with the whole package, even if it’s someone else’s package, the level of attraction increases.

I get the mate copying theory however what causes a woman to take it to another level to actually fornicate with someone else’s mate? I strongly believe there are many available ring-less single men who are capable of being excellent providers, lovers and supporters. Dating a married man is like relationship suicide, you’re simply not in one, and he is, which means you’re essentially on your own.

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