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The folks at JocksAndStilettoJill have uncovered a baller-chasing bird’s newest favorite website called Apparently this site offers women all the things they would need to fake a pregnancy from conception to just days before she “gives birth.”

So what’s in the FakeABaby kit?

Fake positive pregnancy tests, fake DNA tests, several different sized silicone “baby bumps”, fake fawking newspaperannouncements, the site even goes so far as to offer a service that will impersonate a real lab and send back matching DNA results AFTER the “baby” is born!

What would you like to have? Twins? Triplets? Want to see the “baby’s” fingers? They got it ALL!

Think it sounds too good (or foul) to be true? The website clearly says for “entertainment” purposes only but you already know that aint happening!

via BlackMediaScoop

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