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They celebrate a unique anniversary

They look lovingly at each other across rooms, finish their partners’ sentences, and playfully poke fun at one another. Here’s how those blissful twosomes keep the romance alive.

They stash pleasure money

Sure, you have funds earmarked for bills and savings, but every couple also needs a just-for-fun account to fund the occasional, much-need indulgence,

They have a couple code

When you two can communicate volumes with a mere raised eyebrow or a barely perceptible nod, you feel like co-conspirators in a sexy suspense film.

When the going gets tough, they don’t call Mom or Dad

The first task facing all young couples is separating from their families of origin, points out San Francisco-area-based family researcher

They don’t nickel-and-dime about chores

It’s no secret that most women continue to do more in the housekeeping and child-rearing departments than their partners. Still, when couples become double-entry bookkeepers, adding up every dish washed and every diaper changed, they may be headed for trouble

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