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Real brides share their wedding night stories (and they’re not what you think).

By Anne Roderique-Jones for

Just Me and My TV

We had an evening garden wedding that happened to fall on the day of a 75-year record high…a whopping 106 degrees. We were exhausted and soaked when we finally got back to the honeymoon suite. I went to the bathroom to peel myself out of the drenched wedding dress, take a shower, and change. I finally walk out — perfect hair, stellar makeup, and some sexy lingerie — only to find my husband sprawled out on the bed, passed out, and snoring. Bravo TV and I spent one salacious evening together. –Sposati

Flooded With Emotion

The hotel we stayed in had a huge, two-person shower, and we jumped in it immediately after the reception. We started to fool around until my husband began to look extremely freaked out. Apparently, my fake eyelashes were falling off, and he had no clue that I had been wearing them. One strip was on my cheek, and the other was hanging off my eye. Let’s just say, it kind of killed the mood. We then got out of the shower to find the entire bathroom flooded. My dress was soaked, and everything that had been on the floor was in a pool of water, including the only pajamas and underwear that we’d brought. We spent the next 20 minutes cleaning up, and by the time we were done, all we wanted to do was sleep. –teddidan

A Rather Hairy Situation

I’d gotten so tipsy at my wedding that when we got home, my new husband had to help me open the back of my dress. In the middle of him unhooking the thing, I looked at him, smiled, reached up, and pulled out a pile of “hair” and handed it to him. I then proceeded to wander into the living room and pass out on the sofa. He had no idea the hair was my extensions and was completely freaked out. –jayjoe

Blinged-Out Lovin’

When you open a bunch of glittery congratulatory wedding cards while sitting in bed, you often end up with glitter in unusual places after other, well, shall we say, “more aerobic” activities. ;) –MeaghanandMichael

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