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By KarenLee Poter. Posted on Jun 3rd 2013.

I Don't Want No Scrubs: 7 Hygienic Qualities Some Men Should Learn From Women (thumbnail)

Here are 10 traps that should set off the newly single woman’s fight or flight response Beware!

10 Traps Newly Single Women Entering The Dating Jungle Should Avoid

You’re officially single again. You’re going to bars and men are starting to notice you. It’s flattering, exciting and scary at the same time. A hot guy approaches and offers to buy you a drink. Your heart starts racing as you notice his sparkling eyes and wolf-like smile. The conversation flows. Could this be the next Mr. Right? It’s possible, but be on high alert. Don’t be snared by the seasoned hunter who’s ready to pounce on some fresh new meat. Here are 10 traps (based on true stories) that should set off the newly single woman’s fight or flight response:

1) That’s not my wedding ring!

He’s wearing a gold band on his fourth finger. You ask him point blank if he’s married and he states emphatically, “No!” Upon further inquiry you ask why he’s wearing the ring? He reaches for his phone and shows you pictures of his “deceased” parents. He whispers, “This is all I have to remember my parents who were happily married for 50 years.” You immediately feel guilty for mentioning the ring, and are relieved when he changes the subject. It slips out later in conversation that he actually is married, and was hoping you’d “be cool” about it after getting to know him better. Trap: If the tiger’s got stripes, he’s a tiger!

2) His credit cards have just expired.

You’re having a great conversation a cute guy at a restaurant bar. He offers to buy you a drink and you accept. The bartender asks if you’d like to start a tab. The generous man nods and proceeds to order some appetizers. You’re having a great time talking to this entertaining guy until the bill arrives. He reaches for his wallet and mutters, “I’m so sorry, I just realized that my credit card expired and I’m low on cash. Do you think you can cover this? I’ll get it next time!”  Trap: If the fox tricks you once, don’t let him do it again.

3) His ex-wife is a psycho

You’re standing in a crowded bar, and a man initiates a conversation by asking how long you’ve been single. You proceed to tell him that it’s only been a few months. He snorts, “I’ve been divorced 10 years, and it was all her fault she’s a “psycho bitch.” The name-calling continues until you finally find a way to exit. Trap: A venomous snake isn’t someone you want to tangle with.

4) He’s had a few DUI’s so you’ll need to drive

You’re having a great time partying with a man you met at the bar.  When you’re getting ready to leave, he asks if you’d like to go out with him the following evening. You agree and give him your phone number. He then drops the bomb, “Will you be able to pick me up?” You ask why and he explains, “I don’t have a license right now, ‘cause I had a few too many DUI’s.” Trap: You don’t want a drunk monkey on your back.

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