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This past February, Zimmerman had requested a ‘Stand your Ground’ hearing, however, his defense team decided against this. After a little research, it is apparent that would not have worked. Here’s why: Zimmerman’s account(s) of what happened did not even come close to meeting the criteria for a ‘Stand Your Ground’ defense so now it’s self defense.

It is now time for the trial and the defense team has stated over and over they are not ready and need more time and apparently lots more money. If we thought the arrest of Zimmerman took a long time, well, it looks like seating a jury may take even longer. The jury selection process has started. 500 potential jurors were summoned and out of these, eight to ten unbiased, open-minded, and unaware of the case, etc. need to be seated before the trial can proceed.  I am hoping this can be accomplished.

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