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The Button to the Right of “On”

I know no joy like the joy of crossing something off my gargantuan list, because once I strike an item through, it leaves my brain entirely, like a web browser cleared of its cookies. Well, I just escaped a very trying period during which every night, my husband, who stays up later than I do, would say, “Don’t worry, I will start the dishwasher,” sparing us both the swishy noise it makes. I would cross it off my list, erase it from my mind browser and go to bed with a clear head–only to wake up to a dishwasher full of dirty dishes marinating in milk and spaghetti sauce. Why did he insist on torturing me in this way? After all, starting the dishwasher was no problem: I could easily push that button and cross it off my list on good authority. Why did he want to destroy my sense of well-being in this obviously malicious way? Then we realized the machine had a timer. Yes, some genius at Cut-Rate-Canadian-Tiny-Size-Dishwasher Company had thought to include a marriage-saver button. Now I set the timer to start in the middle of the night, when the gentle whirring will double as a nice white-noise machine, and I can cross the chore off my list. And my children won’t have to split Christmas between two households.

A Chili Recipe Without Green Pepper

Don’t sacrifice your dreams. Don’t back down from your beliefs. But those ingredients you can’t ever convince him to like? Swap green peppers for red in your award-winning chili and transform dinner into a subtle proclamation of love and understanding.

A Google Calendar

No one should be expected to remember by 6 p.m. a plan that was relayed to them at a sleepy 6 a.m. Try a coworkerly approach: Share a Google calendar, with all the important events clearly noted. Then, if nothing else, it’s all written down, and you have evidence when your partner protests that he was half-asleep when you reminded him about cousin Cathy’s coed baby shower. Not that it would ever come to that. But just in case it does.

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