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Singing superstar Toni Braxton is still feeling the repercussions of filing for bankruptcy for a second time. In a new bankruptcy deal, Toni Braxton lost the rights to 27 of her hit songs.

The deal Braxton struck with her creditors settled her debt and part of the deal was that she could buy her music catalogue back for $20,000. However, one of the stipulations was that she could be outbid for the music. And when the hit-making songbird went to buy back her catalogue, she was outbid and lost the rights to 27 songs.  The music was purchased by a man named Ross M. Klein who paid double Braxton’s offer.

Some of the songs sold to Klein are early Toni Braxton hits like “How Many Ways,” “You’re Makin’ Me high,” and “Always.” The good news in the matter is Braxton’s signature ballad “Un-Break My Heart” wasn’t part of the collection of songs sold. Had “Un-Break My Heart” been apart of the sold songs, Braxton would have to pay Klein a fee every single time she performed that song and if that’s your signature song, that small fee adds up.

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