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Dear Mr. Joyner:

My Christmas wish is for my son, Quin-Tores Coleman.  he started his first year of college at the art institute of Atlanta last month, majoring in audio production.  he dreams of one day working creatively in radio or the recording industry.

Tom, the fact that my son is in college makes me extremely proud.  You see, he was diagnosed with a learning disability at an early age and was in resource classes until he graduated high school.  Quin-tores never gave up even when some of his teachers told him he would never make it or be anything in life.  it just made him work even harder to prove them wrong.

As a student in the audio production program, he works with digital computer-based audio recording and editing software.  Unfortunately, he does not have a laptop that can handle that advanced technology and has been using the school’s computers. it is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to get my son the laptop he needs to accomplish his major.   Granting him this Christmas wish would mean the world to the both of us and it will help to keep him in school.

yours truly,

Africa Coleman

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