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The secret garden

“I love how laundry smells when it’s in the dryer and the aroma of fabric softener infuses the air. In my imagination, I’m in a garden, and it’s the perfect romantic atmosphere. The flowers make me feel beautiful and clean.” – Eileen D.


Fuzzy wuzzy

“When I put my arms around my boyfriend’s waist, I like to caress a little hairy patch on his lower back. It feels so soft, and I love the amazing curves of his body. He’s threatened to shave it off, but he knows I how much I like it. He keeps it there just for my pleasure!” – Jackie W.

In his shoes

“I get turned on when I see his empty shoes in front of the closet door; specifically, his old, worn moccasins. I picture him putting them on to go off into the world, and then slipping out of them when he returns to tell me about his day. I also look at those moccasins and remember all the places we’ve been together.” – Nancy I.

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