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1. The sex was bad.

Unless your man just lay there like a dead fish every time you got busy, how good he was in bed is completely subjective. But even if his performance was abysmally brief and his idea of foreplay felt like aliens probing your ladyparts, just keep your observations to yourself. (Russell Brand could have certainly used this advice when he blasted his sex life with ex Katy Perry this week-bad form, brah.)

2. He was broke.

Everyone has a different lifestyle and just because he couldn’t match yours, that doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy-or even cheap. Don’t sound high maintenance by complaining about his lack of funds.

3. Everything he thought/did/said was terrible.

Even though you broke up, you shouldn’t systematically annihilate of every good thing he did or every good time you had. If someone brings up a great memory of the two, take a deep breath and avoid the urge to say, “Yeah, but what about the time he did [insert something horrible here].” And definitely don’t badmouth your ex to the max in front of your new man. If your current BF thinks you may still have strong-even strongly negative-feelings for your past guy, he may wonder if you’ve actually moved on.

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