1. It’s entirely physical. Strange as it may sound, it can be difficult to determine if you and your partner’s relationship is built solely on physical attraction. Sexual compatibility is, of course, an important component of any relationship, but it sometimes ends up being the only thing you two have in common. If you’re having difficulty differentiating between physical and character-based attraction (it’s harder to do than you may think), consider how often you pine for others with different personality traits than your partner’s. Author Monique Honoman says, “When you find yourself daydreaming about someone else — even a fictitious someone else — who acts differently, looks differently, treats you differently, and talks differently than your current partner, then you know your new partner isn’t the best fit for you.”


2. You don’t have the time. Being in a healthy relationship requires both time and effort. Precisely how much time and effort the relationship deserves is up to you. In this career-oriented, heavily-scheduled modern age, you and your partner may have different opinions of how often you’re together. If your significant other needs you to spend more time away from the office than you’re willing to sacrifice (or vice versa) and you can’t seem to compromise, there’s a very good chance that your relationship doesn’t have a future.


3. Relationship expectations are different. Your significant other wants a non-committal romance, but you’re ready to settle down. Many men and women enjoy spending time together but with different expectations of what the relationship should be officially “labeled” or what the other person wants. It doesn’t matter if you both have the same tastes in music, movies, and architecture if you don’t have similar expectations for what you are looking for in a relationship. Read More

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