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A huge electronic billboard outside of a Kendallville, Ind., shopping mall displayed the brazen depiction of President Barack Obama sporting an Adolf Hitler mustache, followed by the words, “IMPEACH OBAMA.” Even though the display was taken down Tuesday, there are folks who are still fuming over why it was displayed to begin with, reports WANE-TV.

The billboard, which was located in a town 20 miles outside of Fort Wayne, ignited a nasty backlash from angry folks on the internet. Reportedly, locals felt that the President was unfairly compared to the iron-fisted Nazi ruler who extinguished the lives of millions based on race and sexual orientation. Kendallville’s mayor Suzanne Handshoe lamented to WANE-TV, “All the hard work we put forward as a community to change our image; to be a positive, growing community, and then a sign like this appears. It just undoes everything we’ve been doing.”

The billboard was reportedly funded by the LaRouche Political Action Committee, a group of political activists who seem to believe that the Obama administration is a fascist regime. The group is also actively seeking to get the president impeached, among other outlandish actions. The followers are steadfast in their quest to get the word out about the controversial views of former presidential candidate Lydon LaRouche, who by the way, reportedly supported the two-day stunt.

LaRouche Political Action Committee members, who also believe Obama is helping to ignite a Third World War, were reportedly in town for a conference and purchased the billboard space in order to make their presence known.

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