I Can Change Them

A man with potential can be transformed like a butterfly. Or so I used to think. That’s why I would take them in when they were just caterpillars and waited for their process to begin. Thing is you can’t change a man into becoming something he’s not. If he does change, it’s on his time and his way.

They Make Me Feel Successful

When I am with a man with potential, I feel much more successful. Why? Because I am mature, self-aware and emotionally intelligent (even if it doesn’t always seem that way). So, imagine how put together I feel when I am with a man who is still finding himself and his path? Very. I know. It’s sick. But it used to make me feel so good.

I’m All Knowing

Being with a man who is a little lost allows me teach him. I like the role of zen master and counselor, and so I play the part. He looks to me for guidance, support and nurturing. Problem is I am too busy giving to realize that I am not receiving. And that is what happens when you date a man with potential.

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