Start by acknowledging the role his mother plays in his life. Then let him know how you feel about her behavior without pointing fingers. “If you play the blame game, he will feel like [his family] is being attacked,” says sexologist and psychologist Yasisca Pujols. “Focus on his behavior, not his family’s. Make the conversation about your relationship.” End the conversation on a positive note. “If you go into this complaining, not much will be resolved.”





Julie*, from New Jersey, is lucky her mother-in-law is mostly hands-off. Except when it comes to her food. “She always looks down on my cooking skills,” she bemoans. But she doesn’t take it to heart. “If your man is a momma’s boy, then her opinion is going to count big time,” she explains. “You just gotta win over the mother-in-law even if you have to bite your tongue till it hurts.” Maybe he just feels guilty or perhaps he was spoiled growing up; but no matter what, very little will come between mother and son. “Whether it’s you or any other woman, he will be attached to his mom,” says Dr. Pujols. “Try not to roll your eyes when she offends your cooking or your outfit. It may be her way of protecting him and staking her claim.”

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