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1. Talk about sex: It’s a given, sex is key to a great relationship. And you may wonder, how much is … normal? According to research, the average couple has sex about 58 times a year, which is a little more than once a week. But, experts say, that it’s not about the quantity of sex, but the quality (i.e., whether both partners enjoy their intimate time). All that said, there is another important component to a happy sex life that relationship experts say is ultimate: Keeping an open line of communication about your individual sexual needs and desires. This is especially true after you welcome your first child, a precarious time in marriage when people report big dips in sexual and marriage satisfaction. Avoid future relationship murkiness by practicing talking about your sex life with your fiance now.


2. Set love rules: It may sound weird, but relationship experts say that when there are ground rules set for your relationship, most often they are met. Consider sitting down with your fiance and listing out the important things that will keep your relationship strong. Maybe, in your household, you agree to kiss every time either of you walks in the door. Perhaps you promise never go to bed mad at each other, or you agree to taking a romantic trip together every year. All of these things can contribute to a happier relationship down the road.

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