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This is crazy.

According to 10 TV:

Prosecutors describe a twisted plot involving sex, social media, and blackmail at Ohio University.

Now one student is facing felony charges.

Prosecutors say Dorian Graham, 19, posed as a female to get another male student to send him naked photos, and then Graham used those photos to blackmail the victim into sex.

“‘She’ began to flirt with him, and got to the point in which they sent naked pictures to each other over Snapchat,” said Athens County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn.

Snapchat is a social media app that promises to delete messages a few seconds after you send them, but that’s enough time to snap a screen-grab photo, which is what Blackburn says Graham did.

According to court records obtained by 10TV, on September 23rd, Graham, still posing as a female, contacted the victim and asked him to look on Instagram, a social media site for sharing photos and videos.

They say the victim saw the pictures/video that he had sent to Graham posted online.

They say he begged Graham to take them down.

“The ‘female’ then alleges that unless he engages in sexual conduct with a third party male, that she’s going to leave it up and add all of his friends to this post,” said Blackburn. “So she extorts him to engage in sexual conduct with a male, in order to take these photos down.”

Prosecutors say Graham was playing two roles in this scheme: the female blackmailer and the third party male the victim would have sex with. SOURCE

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