Don’t: Resolve to find a boyfriend by spring. While it’s fine to want to find that special guy, it’s not something you can necessarily do on a particular timeline, and it doesn’t need to be your main goal in life.

Do: Resolve to be more proactive about meeting people. Join a weekly bowling league or ask your friends to set you up. This way, you can feel like you’re taking control of your social life, and you’re practically guaranteed to have fun, which is really the ultimate goal.


Don’t: Resolve to get your ex-boyfriend back. Just don’t.

Do: Resolve to take action to move on with your life. If you’re struggling with a breakup, promise yourself that you’ll take healthy action to get yourself back to a happy place. Book yourself a solo vacation, take up a new hobby, or even find yourself a therapist to work with for a while if you need it.

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