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On Mary Mary, Tina confronts Teddy about why he chose to cheat on her, asking whether it had to do with his lack of love or faith in them as a couple. She confesses to Erica that she’s gone ahead with telling Ebony about her husband’s infidelity. Goo Goo tells her boyfriend Justin that she’s not sure about their future together. Tina fumes over Mary Mary’s struggling relationship with Mitch.

Gospel duo Tina Atkins-Campbell and Erica Atkins-Campbell struggle to juggle their booming music careers with their marriages, motherhood, and larger family issues–and have trouble dealing with each other altogether. While Tina and Erica tend to disagree over day-to-day decisions as musical partners, they also face the looming possibility of Erica charting out a career on her own. Warryn Campbell, who is both Erica’s husband and the duo’s relentlessly ambitious producer, constantly pushes the ladies to achieve excellence in the studio. Mitchell Solarek, the duo’s manager, not only clashes with both Erica and Tina, but also has a perpetually explosive relationship with their sister Goo Goo, their go-to stylist. In the third season of the series, Tina grapples with her failing marriage to her unfaithful husband, Teddy Campbell. Erica discovers she has a vocal tear that could cost her her voice, but refuses to slow down her career to properly heal. SOURCE

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