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Pops Wrong Or Needs To Be More Dads Like This?

Father Whoops On His 13-Year-Old Daughter Dressed Like Beyonce After Missing For 3 Days.. Thought She Was Off In The Woods Dead Somewhere!

According to the narration going on during the video, which comes by way of a woman’s voice who we will assume is another family member, the 13-year-old girl – or “ho” as she is referred to several times in the video – has been missing from home for three days. She is also wearing a form- fitting black dress, which is way too mature for someone her age. We don’t really get to see the child’s face (thankfully) as (unfortunately) the man in the video has her by a fistful of her hair. He swings her about and lashes her repeatedly with his belt while the woman behind or near the camera yells:

You are 13, ho. You want to be a woman? Put it on Facebook and let [inaudible]…you know you ain’t grown, b***h…”

Although the video is short, it is hard to watch. How can a single person look at that video and think any of it – the beating, the hair pulling and the cursing too – is justified. source

Sound off.. what are your thoughts?

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