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Frankie & Alice is a highly anticipated movie starring Halle Berry that’s finally being released in the U.S. Berry received a Golden Globe nomination for her intriguing performance in this film. Berry portrays a mentally ill stripper trying to find herself, her other identities, and the reason for her illness. If you are looking for something where Berry shows her range, this is the movie to see. Here are some reasons to see the film.

1. Halle’s performance: Her character Frankie is challenged by two identities: a scared 7-year-old girl named Genius and a bigoted, white southern belle named Alice. Playing a role where you take on three characters is a test of an actor’s skill. To watch Halle go in and out of each character was nothing short of remarkable. Genius was endearing and innocent, while Alice was clearly misguided and wounded.

2. Costume design: Although this is a solemn film highlighting the issues of mental illness, I could not help but notice the various styles from the 70′s, a period in fashion that I am infatuated with. From the delicate pink sequin gowns, to bold and gallant blush-worthy eyelashes–I’m totally swooning over Frankie’s (and Alice’s) closet.

3. A psychologist’s students dream: If you’re one of the blessed folks in the world tasked with helping individuals with mental illness, this movie is a beautiful case study for you and psychological drama lovers.

4. What mental illness was 30 years ago: Today we have medicine, therapy and perhaps even family members who understands what living with your mind on display to the world really feels like. Frankie, and many others in her time, was ridiculed and chastised for a condition she wasn’t even cognizant of, much less knew how to control. This film highlights what life would be like if no one cared about the voices in your head.

5. The melodies: Perfect for a rainy day or just when you want to be left alone, the soundtrack for Frankie & Alice is both charming and irresistible.