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Fugees rapper Pras Michel was due in court Thursday June 12,  2014 in New York.  The court appearance was in conjunction with a child support hearing. Reportedly Pras hopped a private jet to Brazil to attend The World Cup Soccer matches.  Upon arrival in Brazil Pras allegedly tried to “phone in” his testimony from a coffee shop in Bogota,  Colombia.  The judge immediately shut him down on the phoner.

“It’s not acceptable to call in from a cafe in Colombia,” Family Court Magistrate Karen Kolomechuk thundered.

“This is not a free-for-all.”

Kolomechuk deemed Michel “in default.”

The mother of Pras’ baby,Angela Severiano age 38, is asking the court to increase Michel’s monthly child-support payout from around $3,000 to $7,000.

Serveriano is a singer-turned-consultant, she lives on the Upper East Side with their boy, Landon, 3. Pras Michel, 41, who wrote the hit 1998 song “Ghetto Superstar” after the Fugees broke up in 1997, is now a film producer.