With Internet shopping at its prime, more and more people are comfortably purchasing things from the cozy confines of their living space. As gratifying as it is to receive new pieces of clothing or a cute pair of shoes in the mail days later, the disappointment is inevitable when purchased items do not meet expectations. Enter Go Go Chic, Georgia’s first fashion truck that just relocated to Columbus. Go Go Chic’s versatility is an all-around convenience for women on the go. While the popularity of mobile boutiques in Columbus has been growing in recent years, this particular fashion truck’s arrival in our city seeks to attract women of all ages and of sizes from zero to 3X, which has always been the premise of the business.

“You can have the teenager, the mother, the grandma literally shopping in the vehicle because we’ll carry church clothes, clubbing clothes, work clothes, casual clothes,” said owner Karla Boston. “I always hear people say, ‘Oh, I’m too old to shop in here,’ and that’s not true… I literally have people coming in struggling to get up the steps.” The emphasis here is on affordable and stylish clothing for both men and women, with the products catering predominantly to women. Products include second-hand items, but also new pieces of clothing purchased from wholesalers.

Go Go Chic’s proclaimed uniqueness comes from Boston’s celebration of an all-inclusive shopping experience for her customers. Want to spice up a girls get together? The bright pink mobile boutique hosts shopping parties. Interested in adding a twist to a 9-5 job? Boston will bring her truck to your office during lunch hour, or any time for that matter. Her intentions are clear.“We’re creating something where you’re actually getting involved with your friends, you’re fighting over clothes, and you’re having a good time,” she said.

Despite having multiple responsibilities in a day, women should not be neglecting a part of their lives that make them look good and feel good, according to Boston. And for people who hate shopping, she has her ways. “I take Go Go Chic to their home, they’ll come out, they’ll sit in the truck, and they tell me their sizes and what they like, and I’ll pull items,” Boston said. “All they have to do is go in the fitting room and try it on.” While Boston has been running her online business since 2011, the truck was only available in May 2012 after she and her husband sold almost everything in their house to purchase the truck.

“It was crazy but we were determined that no one was going to tell us, ‘No, you can’t do it,’ and we said, ‘Alright, if we believe in it then we have to make a sacrifice,” she said. Boston’s passion for fashion, her love for the business, and the support from her husband continues to contribute to the growth of Go Go Chic. “I love what I do, and I’ve always had an eye for fashion,” Boston said. “I want to see people happy and feel good in their own skin. You can look beautiful and you don’t have to pay a fortune to do so.” Would you want to shop at Go Go Chic? Take the poll below.

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