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1"I Can't Stand My Husband And I Cringe At The Thought Of Him" (thumbnail). Learn To Value Yourself And Trust Your Decisions

Recently a client of mine was working in a restaurant. She hated it there. She felt undervalued and unappreciated; the terms and conditions were awful, she told me as she sobbed tearfully. I asked her one question: if you hate it there such much and you know that you are being treated badly, why you are still there? She looked at me angrily and gave me all of her excuses about why it was important for her to stay. In a soft spoken but firm tone, I quickly pointed out to her that nobody will value her until she values herself. My client walked out of our coaching session that day and pondered the question. Four weeks later she explained to me that she had indeed walked out of the job, not knowing what she was going to do next and how she was going to pay the bills. Two weeks later she found a better job with better pay and more suitable circumstances. She couldn’t believe her luck.

 2. Surround Yourself With The Right People (And Circumstances) 

If you want a fantastic relationship with a great guy, walk away from pain and into joy. Walk away from negative situations. Walk away from the man who doesn’t love you back. This creates space for the new. Surround yourself with people who have loving and rewarding relationships. Notice their behavior; notice how they treat each other. Feel the energy and love that is exchanged between them. Ask your newfound friends about their life experiences and the choices they have made that have created a fulfilling life, and decide to do what they do. Join different groups or organizations that help you grow as person inside, so that you can gain inner strength and confidence.

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