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Rihanna’s breaking the celebrity fragrance mold by showing guys some love at the beauty counter and creating a daring new cologne for men!

Famous ladies usually market to their female fan base when they break into the fragrance game, but after creating several successful women’s perfumes for the ladies, Rihanna’s releasing her first new offering for men, named Rogue Men.

RiRi’s been cooking up the new cologne for a while now, and she finally got to announce its impending release on Friday when she shared the first look at the scent’s sexy ads:

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There’s no word on what the major notes will be just yet, but one might imagine that the scent was at least a little spicy with a hint of musk. Maybe some leather? Just a guess! It must be intoxicating because Rihanna has her head buried awfully deep in the model’s neck, in each of the ad campaign images she shared:

We can’t wait to see if this is something we might want to pass on to the menfolk in our lives!

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