I’m sure folks in Lima were a little on edge when three murderers escaped from prison. According to ABC 6/ Fox 28, all three convicted murderers are back behind bars after escaping from prison overnight. TJ Lane, Bruce Lindsey and Clifford Opperud escaped around 7:45 p.m. Thursday night.

Police officials will not say how it happened or how they discovered these men were missing. Lindsey Bruce was the first found not too far from the property right near the church off of Bluelick Road.

TJ Lane (pictured above,) the Chardon High School shooter who killed three in 2012, was found early Friday morning. Clifford was picked up a few hours after that.

A recent inspection report said the prison is 15% over capacity. When asking if that lead to the escape, prison ward Kevin Jones said, “I don’t believe that is the case, sir.”

When asking to elaborate, he would not.  The prison is currently on lock down, and says they are doing their own investigation.



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