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Trey Songz sounds a little sleepy on the radio this morning but it’s understandable. He was in the studio all night last night. His latest album Trigga is doing well but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped working.

“I never stay away from the studio too long,” says the 29-year-old, who’s dropped six studio albums since his debut nine years ago. “Everybody’s receiving the album very well.”

His latest single ‘What’s Best For You’ hit #1 this week and Trey, born Tremaine Neverson in Virginia, says he’s thankful for the support.

“I want to thank everybody out there who’s been listening to the point where it is right now,” he says. “I got the album out and am able to run around and see what people are loving and while we are shooting videos, I still want to make more music while I’m inside of this moment.”

In what could be dubbed The Sexiest R&B Tour Ever, Songz and Chris Brown are mounting a joint tour together set to go out don the road soon.

“It’s been something we’ve been talking about for a very long time. And then one day Chris decided to go out and announce it on Twitter. We did a cool thing on Instagram and got the fans involved as far as what the names would be and try to put some ideas together so we could make it groundbreaking. We’ve both been doing this almost 10 years so we watched each other grow.”

Songz, who has remained relatively scandal-free during his career says that he’s kept things on point just by being conscious of the pitfalls. As for Chris, he says that he’s just tried to look out for his younger colleague in the industry.

“He’s younger than me and he experienced superstardom much faster than me,” Songz said. “He actually had to grow up in front of the world and make some major mistakes while being judged heavily. I don’t know what its like to be under the same scrutiny but what I do share with him is keeping the right people around you and keeping a positive mindset is definitely something [important].”

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