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Tom, if you’ll allow me, I’m going to play for you and your audience the best conversation I know I’ve heard anywhere about the Michael Brown case and what’s going to happen with the grand jury and Officer Darren Wilson.

The announcement about an indictment is supposed to happen soon.

Before I get to the conversation I want to remind everyone that there have been months of testimony, dozens of witnesses, and three autopsies performed.

The official autopsy was performed by St. Louis officials, another by the feds and an independent one was done for Michael Brown’s family.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, the renowned forensic pathologist, has now examined the official autopsy report from St. Louis.

He told me last night on CNN that Michael Brown’s hands were up, not palms out, but still up.

Yet he says this about the likelihood of an indictment.

“I will predict. I will predict. This is not based on forensic science. This is just based on 52-years of dealing with police shootings.  I will predict that the grand jury is not going to indict the officer in this case.  Because?  Because there will be enough information to suggest that Michael Brown was aggressive, that he was lunging at the police officer, that the police officer felt in imminent threat of his life or well-being but that’s even before you get into the racial issue.”

Now I want you to listen to the CNN Political Analyst and attorney Van Jones’ response to Dr. Wecht.

“For him to say that and then to right around and say that for him that this grand jury is not even going to indict this officer to get him in front of a real jury.  That is shocking, because what it says is that there’s an acceptance of what I can only call either corruption or cynicism within this law enforcement agency that even with good evidence that what people said happen did happen that there still will not be an indictment.”

Here’s the closer; Dr. Wecht with his final point.

“I would vote for indictment.  (crosstalk) I want to  make it clear. If I had to buy you guys a cup of coffee on the other side they will not indict. Van’s assessment is correct then?  Yes, well because of the way the public reacts to police and police shootings. They just bend over very far, that’s a discussion for another day, is that right?  I’m just telling you what all I experienced in all my years my decades of dealing with police shootings not only as coroner here but in police shootings around the country.  It takes a great deal to indict an officer.  And I don’t want to make this into a racial issue.  But when the officer is white and the victim is African American then it is a little bit easier for jury to not indict.

The question is now what?

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